Monday, September 1, 2008

still in the ATL!

hi there!

we had to shoot up to south carolina for a wedding - hubby was the best man, and did a great job! i am still so impressed and proud of him for the speech/toast he made! and i need not tell you how handsome, no, fine, he looked in his tux! it was the last of his 'playboy/fratboy' friends. a freind whom i really like. during the first year of our marriage, i was so ready to divorce him. i said 'hey, i'm catholic, we can get this badboy annulled, and i can pack you up and send you home to your mamma!" it was ugly. but his 'boy' talked to him, showed him the error of his ways, and helped him, reminded him, just what an angel he had, and just how lucky and blessed he was to have someone like me in his life. ahhh, but i digress. ;)

it really was wonderful to see him so very happy. and i am so very happy, and excited for him. and them. may god bless them.

with all the running around we did, supposedly - i don't think we did - i somehow missed a few doeses of my medications. in particular, my siezure meds. so guess what? i had a few siezures. am still having them actually. i began feeling funky on last thursday. well, i never actually recovered from the flight.

i'm really pissy about this developement because 1) i haven't been able to do anything that I'VE wanted to do/go/see. as of today, i haven't seen any of my freinds either, including someone that i've met in the blogworld that i really want to meet (so sorry dowg :(... i'm PISSY. well, i can't be too pissy, because i have been able to see my cousin/brother, whom i ADORE! but still. i haven't made it to the AUC campus to see my old scools (CAU and Spelman), nor have i been to my old neighborhood in midtown, or any of my old hangouts.

yeah, i know.... wah, wah, wah. it's just that it's been at least 2 and a half years since i've been to my second home, and been able to see all my friends.

so, hubby has me here at my s-i-l's (where we always stay when we come to town) in the brookhaven neighborhood, marinating. i call it being on lockdown. the good thing is that i will get to see two of my closest friends - 'cedmo' and "macD" - and their families. they're going to come to me since i'm gimpin around. YAY!!

now i just have to figure out how to help ladybug get over the fact she can't go swimming today, lol!

be well!!

ps.... stay tunned for pic's!


Lovebabz said...

Ahhh Princess...HELLO!
You've done quite enough...QUITE ENOUGH INDEED!

You are one to push the envelope...and you know, I know you do! Thank GOD for my favorite husband Juan who reigns your ass in.

Rest up and don't get on me or Juan's nerves with hard-headedness! I can get to the ATL a lot faster than I can to SF...LOL!

I am glad you had a great got your hair done...HOORAY! Spelman will be there on the next visit!

I can't wait for the photos!

Lovebabz said...
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Aunt Jackie said...

Just sending you some bay area love by way of LA.

laurie said...

I just heard from Babz that your surgery is tomorrow. I wanted to let you know that I have been thinking about you. I send you warm thoughts and best wishes - I will be thinking about you all day tomorrow, too. I wan the next news I hear to be that you have come through it all with flying colours! xox Laurie

Princess Tinybutt said...

hey laurie! thanks so very much! and you too "auntie". your words, thoughts, and prayers really do mean the world to me. reall,

be well :)