Sunday, October 14, 2007

C's, D's, & F's... WHAAHH ??!! school drama part 2

uuuuuggghhh!!!!! ok. i just don't get it. really. we got lb's progress report last week and it was so not good. honestly, dh and i feel completely broadsided! this is just outta nowhere to us, really. we work with lb everyday and make it fun for her. and she has improved dramatically since our meeting with the teacher at the begining of the school year, which i talked at length about(sorry!) in the previous post.

dh and i are just furious as well! because the teacher is unable to see the improvement lb has made, not that there was any needed for a 5 year old. now i'm lb's mom, and i was/am concerned as to whether i'm being objective. so i took a step, or two, back, and did a gut check. and...YES I AM BEING OBJECTIVE! there have been so many little things happening since school started and dh and i wanted to give the teacher a chance.

well anyway, i just couldn't take it anymore, so i called the 'room mom' and a few other parents and had several revelations - well, maybe not revelations since i knew there was funkiness going on in the first place. just confirmation. each mom i spoke with (3 or 4) said that they were having the same issues with the teacher and that their child was a bit stressed as well. hate to say it, but i felt better after speaking with them. at least it's not just l and we're not crazy.

so lb's parent teacher conference is coming up in a next week and dh and i plan to have a plan when we met with her..... will keep you posted... get it?

be well

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