Friday, February 22, 2008

aahhh... release

so, in addition to my obsession with all things food and cooking, i am also fairly addicted to scrapbooking and card making. like i think i may have said in my earlier posts, i am not, and have never been, the artsy fartsy craftsy type, and have always admired those who are. i secretly think that those who can create (in just about any artform), are smarter than everyone else. to be able to see some thing inspiring in the most seemingly mundane, and then create something wonderful, pleasureable, and beautiful, and amazing to me!

so, i spend hours in my local michael's craft store. adoring all the beautiful individual items, big and small, that go into creating one, or several, beautiful things. the papers, the ribbons, the glitters, the pens, pencils, paints, inks, chalks, and all the do-dads that one uses to create with. i just love it! i sit, in the bed, or on my big comy blue sofa, day after day, on my laptop, pouring over, oogling at, admiring all the beautiful, creative, and breathtaking things that some of my favorite artists (see blogroll) have created. or in the layout galleries. or in all the scrapbook/cardmaking/papercrafting magazines my girl glo gave me. i spend so much time oogling, that i never get my princess tiny butt up to actually do it!

i get intimidated. and because i'm not a creative person by nature, and barely by intention, i constantly question what the hell i'm doing.

so, i got my princess tiny butt up, and made my great-aunt a birthday card. and am in the process of making my cousin/brother one too. and, i got myself a set of beautiful artist grade pencils, my "prismacolor" premiere and verythin pencils, that are so inspiring i can barely stand it. i am sitting here sharpening them, and all i want to do is stare at them. i am feeling it! i am on my way!
be well


Lovebabz said...

I am so in awe of anyone that has this type of talent! I always dream of being an artist. I believe I have an artists soul.

The scrapebooking world is HUGE and I for one am truly intimidated by it!

Your card is FABULOUS! OK I am putting in my order!

Princess TinyButt said...

thank you much sis! i'd like to think that i'm an artist, and be called one for sure! but i try REALLY hard, so thank you.

i KNOW i have an artist soul. i've just got to get my brain and my hands to realize that!!

be well

CapCity said...

EVERY ONE IS an ARTIST! We just all have different mediums we work with!;-)

Sistah Tiny - don't make come over there & whip that TinyButt! "i get intimidated. and because i'm not a creative person by nature, and barely by intention, i constantly question what the hell i'm doing." Sistah - we were MADE in the IMAGE of a CREATOR - hence we all CREATE something... U need a BIG ol' Country Hug i see - cuz somebody done told u a rack of lies! And I'm sure the recipients LOVED the cards U CREATED! ;-)

Princess TinyButt said...

hey capcity!! i will definately take that hug from you! and i needed to hear what you had to say. thank you for that. as you already know, you are right!

so thank you my friend and sister, capcity.

be well!