Thursday, February 14, 2008

on this day of love....

why this day? not every day? why set aside a special day?
so how many of you have gotten special little somethings from someone else? how many of you have given gifts of flowers, candy, cards, trinkets.......and have given yourself? how many of you show your love every day in thousands of little ways? yep, i thought so.
and how many of you give, give, give, that there's almost nothing left for you, yourself? uh-huh. i knew it.
well my dears, on this day of love, in which you are usually supposed to be focusing on others, please spend some time giving to and loving yourselves.



K.O. Johnson said...

Thanks for the reminding us to love ourselves! Hope your day was absolutely wonderful in every possible way.

Princess TinyButt said...

hey thanks k.o.! i went to your site and LOVE it! i'll be adding you to my blogroll (?? i just like how that sounds!)

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