Wednesday, February 20, 2008

mmmm .... FOOD!

so most of you know that i am all about food. i mean really. some people have hobbies like golf, sewing, scrapbooking, blogging - mine is FOOD. and the preperation and cooking of it. i LOVE going to the markets and seeing all the veggies and fruit stacked on and on; the mushrooms, the zuchini, the little brussel sprouts, the fingerling potatoes -omg, aren't they just adorable? just being in a whole foods market almost sends me into a tizzey! you have no idea how much i miss grocery shopping....ugg!

i digress. so anyway, i've decided to occasionally post some of the dishes i've made in addition to the madness and nonsense that's in my head. ha!

so tonight, inspired by one of my fav blogs "
closet cooking", i made a dish for dinner, and took some pic's of it, though nowhere near as nice as kevin's (closet cooking).

tonight i made a, hmm... i don't have a fancy name for it. ok, i made chicken breasts stuffed with honey ham (frome whole foods - yum!), gorgonzola cheese and apples and pears in a creamy marsala sauce along with a brown rice pilaf and sweet corn. - YEEEUUUMMMMEEEE!!!!

again, i still haven't figured out how to make my pictures look good and have captions and what not. still working on that...sorry. but can you see the cheese ooozing out? and the sweet ham? uuhh, the apples! i was half way through the meal when i realized that i had forgotten to put the sauce on the chicken! lol!! didn't matter, i still poured it all over what was left and finished it up. mmm! again, i didn't focus on the presentation becuase 1. we all weren't sitting down to dinner together tonight, juan was at the gym, then came home and whisked ladybug off to her bath that i had started , so he ate after he put her to bed 2. i didn't get this idea about posting an occassional meal 'til i sat down to eat myself.

i usually do what i can to make dinner look nice when we sit down to eat. and again, i'm trying to mae these pic's look nice too. like why are they not lined up? and how do you put a caption at the bottom of them? i'm working on it, i'm working on it!

be well...and strong


Lovebabz said...

What! Send that plate to me! NOW!
Sister, I am so in love with folks who cook! Although I am a formally trained chef, I no longer have that burning desire to cook. But I still love to eat! Uummmm GOOD!

Princess TinyButt said...

thanks!!!! it was sooo good too!

CapCity said...

THAT IS MEAN!!!! u know i'm over here drooling! And I don't even eat meat! LOL!

u may wanna check out Sistah Anali - she often has me salivating, too! AND she has a rack of food blogger connections!!

Princess TinyButt said...

hey capcity! lol! thanks, i didin't even "jazz" it up for the pictures because i didn't think about it 'til after the fact. but many thanks my friend.
i admire your not eating meat, but i just MUST have a piece of chicken (all natural, organic free ramge - i go directly to the farmer very often!) from time to time!! lol!!

Kevin said...

It looks like it turned out well. I can see the cheese oozing out of the sides. I like the sound of the marsala sauce.

Princess TinyButt said...

hi kevin! thanks so much for stopping by. it did, and tastey too. i didn't pound one of the breast enough, and there are a few things i will change next time, like have asparagus instead of corn. and maybe risotto instead of brown rice pilaf. but overall, i loved it, and yes, the marsala sauce really gave it thtat sometihing extra. like a deep richness. thanks again for being there when i needed you kevin.

Mizrepresent said...

My first time here, and i see this and say WHOA! Now that's my kind of eating! It looks great!