Wednesday, February 13, 2008

party mama and good friend

well, i've recovered from jet lag, but am now coming up for air from the father daughter dance.

what has happened in the last 10 days? lots of unnecessary drama, so much DRAMA, i won't bore you with teh details, the who said what. just that it was the kind of drama that happens when you have a person who is a "spotlight person" (as my good friend BOTW puts it), someone who must create drama to be the one to fix it, so they are the one that gets all the positive attention, all while putting down everyone around them. drama. and unnecessary.

and i am suffereing because of it. and it's my fault. yes, the drama was due to and created by just one person, a person with a toxic personality (i don't think she realizes it). but as we all know, it only takes one, but i still know better. no, i didn't help create it, nor participate, but foolishly thought that it wouldn't affect me because i wasn't "in it", just around it. but alas, it has. and i now realize that it always does. i should have removed myself from the project.

but i wanted to be a part of it because i really wanted my daughter to see her mommy participating in her life in that kind of way. for her to know that i am not so sick that i can't do those kinds of things. plus, i know that she loves seeing me at school, around school, "like the other mommies". to her, it means that i am not so sick anymore.

so here i am, curled up in bed. sick. but i will be better soon. i'm too stubburn!!

one another note... my favorite little neighborhood mommy/daughter owned scrapbook store is closing! i am so very sad about it. so they sent out invites to they're special sale and i went last week with a "crafty" buddy of mine, glo, so i got to see her! we met at our local micheal's and she turned me on to the cricut die cutter. she is a great crafter and i can't wait to get over to her house to try out the cricut! and she really makes me laugh. i don't think she realizes how right on time her cracks are for me, and how her emails always cheer me up. the other think she did that's made me feel good is that she gave me alot of her old papercrafting, scrapbooking, and cardmaking magazines, i just love looking through these kinds of books!! but they are also my problem... i spend so much time looking through them, oooh-ing and aaah-ing, that i never get around to actually scraping!! lol!!
so you can see by the paris pic's that we got another camera. it's a nice one, a canon, but i want the canon dslr. oh i dram about it! well, i said this to say that i'll be posting some of my scrap layouts and cards soon. i just have to figure out how to post pictures better than what i've done!! i look at other blogs like "resign to design" and think "how sad is my poor little sight?!?" lol!!

be well!

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Lovebabz said...

Well I am glad you are getting rest. I certainly do know how important it is to support your children and try to be there for them. it is those things that they will remember.

Don't sweat over toxic people. Just hold that person in prayer and ask God to illuminate their path.

And last but not least...HAPYY VALENTINE"S DAY. Drop in and say hello...when you are feeling better!