Monday, July 7, 2008

my holiday experience

hey there! how was your holiday weekend? safe i hope. we spent ours at home. together. and we sang happy birthday to america, then sang one of my favorite songs... the national anthem. then... FIREWORKS!! yay!!

so we went to our little spot over to our secret spot at shan's house, to watch our towns fireworks show. it's nothing fancy at all. our town is very much a little village in a way. just how i like it, considering that i'm a city girl. there were lots of people, families. on bikes. lots, like us, had blankets and lawn chairs. it's so fun, mainly i think because it's very much about family and community here.

but while we were watching the show, something interesting happend. i began to pray. aloud. i couldn't help it. then, the lady next to me started to pray with me. and the guy on the other side started. then the young lady, couldn't have been more than 20. and another guy, clearly a dad. and his wife. then, we had a big 'yes lord, thank you jesus, amen' corner going.

it was amazing. it was wonderful. it was...... i don't have the words. but i wish that everyone could have had that moment too. where there were first some strangers and neighbors and friends. then became family. family under god. and country.


be well :)


Lovebabz said...

Prayer changes things...

Shannon said...

Sounds like you got "the church lady" going, lol. I'm sorry I missed it. I had a good time where I was, but I missed watching fireworks from my front porch. I'll be there next year ;o)

Anonymous said...

The power of prayer is an amazing thing. And right there, under the stars, you brought people together for a few minutes, joined in a timeless embrace. I love your heart, my dear!

CapCity said...

sending cyber hugz!! Make sure to remind Sistah Babz to deliver the hugz I sent via her;-)!!!