Monday, July 28, 2008


hey everyone!

i'm so blessed! i have made some wonderful, wonderful friends through this blogosphere world, and i am so thankful.

one in particular has become just a wonderful spirit in my life is lovebabz. like my girl glo, we connected devinely by chance and, for me at least, it was love at first speak. she is nothing but love and strength and courage to me.

well, she came this way for the BlogHer conference held in san francisco weekend before last. and i'm awful for only just now posting about this! the original plan was that we were to attend the conference together along with sharing the hotel room. FUN!!! well, there were grave mixups on my end ( i am NOT going to talk about it! lol!) and that didn't happen. you have no idea how upset and sad i was. no idea at all.

she said "don't worry about that, it's in the past. it's done". she had a good point, and i knew that to be true, but... i was still pissed! whatever.

anyway, we got it together and went on with the the last part of our original plan, which was to spend sunday together. YAY!!

hubby and ladybug drove me in to the city to pick her up at the hotel, and i played tour guide whle babz played tourist. she hopped into the drivers seat of my beloved lil black T5... yes, she drove my T5. that's how much i love her!!

how jealous are you?!?

so we drove around the city with me pointing things out, she drove us across the golden gate bridge, then throught marin. he hit my house for a breaher and to pick up my camera. then i gave her a brief tour of my little village hamlet that's just 20 minutes north of the city in the east bay. then we headed into oakland for some soul food, and she got to meet my daddy and one of his cadre of character acquaintences. babz watched me pig out, then we headed back home. i was exhaused, truth be told. i realy wanted to get her around oakland more. but next time.

how jealous are you?!?

so we headed back to the 'ponderosa' (my house), to exhale again and chit chat. oh it was soooo good to have my babz with me, live and in living color! we sat on my beloved comfy blue sofa and laughed and talked and giggled. she got to see the mess of all my crafting in my diningroom, my dog, and all the things surrounding my as i communicate to you. just blessed!

how jealous are you?!?

lastly, my 'lil sister shannon came by to take babz back to the hotel. happiness. sadness. it wasn't enough. i'm not ready. bittersweet.

but still. i got to lay hands and eyes on, and be blessed by my babz. i love you.


Lovebabz said...

I am just getting home from Atlanta! After flight cancellations, a sleep over in Charlotte I am finally home!

It was so nice coming by here and seeing the photos up! I loved you and your family! I loved driving across the Golden Gate... a dream come true I might add!

I will defintely be back to hang out some day is merely not enough time!

Oh and the Princess can eat! I mean she can EAT!

The Second Sixty-Eight said...

REAL jealous allright!?!?!? Quit rubbin' it in!!!!

Princess Tinybutt said...

hey 68! lol!!

hey babz! you leave me craving more... that's a warrior queen diva for you!