Thursday, June 7, 2007

doing it. my secret addiction...

i do it while i'm watching tv. i do it while i'm talking on the phone. i do it while i'm geting chemo. i do it while i'm doing computer work. hell, i'm doing it right now.

i sneak and do it. i don't want anyone to know that i'm doing it. late at night, in the dark. i nod off while doing it.

over, and over, and over again. my fingers are going numb, joints in pain and swelling. hands arms head eyes shoulders hurt. can't help it. got to DO IT.

does dear hubby know?

it soothes me and comforts me and calms me and excites me. doing it allows me to feel as though i can still multi task since i've been sick. doing it allows me to drift off and zone out. it feels soooo gooood. i just love doing it.

hi. my name is princess tinybutt. and i'm a solitaire addict.

there. done. i feel better now. actually, let me do another quick game, or two, before i finish this post.

be well....

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