Thursday, June 28, 2007

my thursday thought....

i've been wanting to post all week, but i've been really tired and not feeling so well. even now. i missed getting one of my scripts filled. it's a controlled substance so i can't just call in a refill. i've got to call my neurologist, who's office staff is just rediculous, then hope and pray that they got the message and gave it to my doc, who's pretty good, just her staff is, well, like i said, and then this time i have to wait for them to mail it because dh is on road trip for work and he usually picks it up. plus, one of my really good college buddies and his wife and daughter were in town and we had dinner monday, and we laughed, remenisced, ate and drank into the wee hours in the morning. so there. i'm exhausted and feeling so not so hot right now.

anyway, ladybug is in gymnastics summer camp for the next few weeks and she's liking it, but not liking it. i thnk it's because she wants her way all the time. it's perfect for her because she gets to jump, flip and run around which is all she wants to to anyway. but this is day 4 and she started whining about going this morning. that inner kid in me immediately started to empathize , but for the wrong reasons. yes, it would be easier to keep her home with me - i wont have to figure out how to get her there and back; i wont have to worry about both of us being presentable; and most importantly, i can sleep in. i'm exhausted! he, he! well, i want her to love it.

well, i'm going to go make myself feel better and do some scrapbooking....

be well :)

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