Thursday, June 7, 2007

what does THAT have to do with anything??!!??!!

ok. let me preface this post by saying "i love my husband". he's a pretty good guy, most of the time. right. most of the time. he's still a "guy", and all that that means, which in fact means that he does and says, at times, some of the most senseless, unexplainable, pointless, rediculous, thoughtless (i could go on-lol) shit ever.

he's a guy so he's not really 'thinking', so i let him off the hook often enough because i'm not one of those women who'll beat a dead horse about some shit that has nothing to do with his world, or how he processes things. well at times i do. hey, i am still a woman (giggle). but what i'm trying to say is this: most people, especially men, in some form or fashion tell you who they are. be it through thier actions, how they react to things, or not, or just plain what they say, they tell you who they are. trust me, think about it, you know, hindsight? it's up to you to see it. and sometimes we just can't. you're blinded by love, the person is a slick willy or is just good at 'covering up', or you're just plain dumb.

what i also recognize is that he and i have been together for about 15 years or so, and i heard what he was telling me all those years of dating. i take into consideration that he's in his own world and that he sees and processes things completely different than i do. it saves me alot of head and heart aches. but that doesnt mean that everything is hunky dorey. oh no. lawd know's we have our issues. of course we do, we're two completely different people with different communication styles and vastly different backgrounds. however, because I heard and saw what he was saying, we have a lot less relationship drama than so many of my freinds and family. and i'm thankful.

HOWEVER!!!! there are so many times where i look at him in awe due to something he's said or how he's, or his just not getting it. or i just plain want to knock him upside his head.

case in point: ladybug's last day of kindergarten is tomorrow and they're having a class party. we're suppose to bring the juice. i think. why? well because genious threw away all of her school related papers. of course he did. why? well, it is the last week of school, right? btw, thats how i found out that that's how i missed her class on monday (see post#2). anyway, i realize this and say, 'hey babe, i'm goin to run to the store to get some juice'. so of course ladybug wants to go with me, but she's already got her pajamas on, and i just want to run in and out quickly. so genious says aloud,'why cant she go with you? what's wrong with her in her jam jams?' so i tell him whats wrong, and that i want to be like him when he runs to the store childless. well he wont let it go and gets ladybug all in the mix. i suspect he's just trying to be messy and start some shit because lb is cranky and tired. i hate when he tries to fuck with me thru her. AND most importantly... I'M NOT SUPPOSED TO BE DRIVING due to my neurological issues. and he wants me to take her to the store with me?????!!!!! i pointed that out to him and he sat there with this stupid look on his face like i'm persecuting him. do you feel me out there? ggrrrrrr.

its straight comedy up in here. really. between him and lb, and some of the things that come out of they're mouths....i have so many examples of marital relationship communication hilarity that i've been told by family and freinds that i should write a script. see, that's the good thing. with all of his (and mine) bullshit, and my serious health drama, we really laugh and love hard. that and the sex is the only thing keeping me from killing him.

so like i was saying earlier. i knew way before we were married that he had (still has) the propensity to be just plain not at home at times, and just brilliant at others. and that at times i just plain want to wring his neck.

but the sex is great and he was/is sooo damn fine!!!

help...... me...

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