Friday, June 22, 2007

my newest addiction...

thanks to one of my sister ("cc"), i have discovered the wonderful world of scrapbooking. i just love it. i've never been the artsy fartsy type like dearest cc, who is just phenomenal! she took her house in georgia and turned it into a showplace. or like my cousin sony.

anyway, i'm a photo bug, always have been, use to develope my own film even, and i have easily tens of thousands of pictures in the garage. well, lb was in daisy girl scouts and her year just ending june 1 and somehow i wound up getting elected to putting together the memory book ???!!! something i've never done.

i figured i'd give it a try since i have nothing but time on my hands. well, it turned out wonderful, and i fell in love! so i've been running to michaels, target, and the little nieghborhood scrapbooking store down the street from the subdivision (dangerous) to get stocked up on supplies and what nots.

why do i like it so much for somene who really isn't creative at all, and always sort of didnt like arts and crafts in school? maybe because i'm anal, like details, am focused, and have a thing for gadgets. now that i've been doing this for about a month now, i'm seeing that these are some of the things required to do it. i do not have a creative eye at all. i just know what i like, and its usually when i see it. so in that way it's been very, very hard for me to start a page.

i've always liked the idea of arts and crafts, and admired those who were good at it ( i thought they were smarter). ironically, i get a daughter who lives and breathes it. the way she gets when we walk into michaels is how i get when i walk into whole foods or williams sonoma! well, school is out, so last week we went to michaels and spent a small fortune for us to do craft projects all summer. clay, paint, paper, craft kits, foam thingies, brushes, crayons, markers, glitter this, sparkle that. i can see how people go into bankruptcy in that place!

i made a beautiful fathers day card for dh and i am beyond proud. i can't stop looking at it. i made it. from scratch in my head.

i cant wait to get started on all the pictures i have in the garage! i'm going to start with lb and her kindergarten year. then i'm going to work on her and her "cousin/brother" nico. they are so cute together, especially when they were babies. and then my newest special love - sophia. scrumpteous. i gotta get nicknames for them.

life = create = share = pride

be well :)

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